Mississauga teenager charged with second-degree murder

Mississauga teenager charged with second-degree murder

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Domestic Violence on Tuesday December 31, 2013.

It must have been shocking for neighbors to learn that a 15-year-old Mississauga girl was charged with second-degree murder following what police are reporting as a stabbing. Though the Peel Regional Police will not confirm the girl’s relationship with the man who was stabbed, they have confirmed that the two lived in the home together, which could prompt domestic violence charges, as well. Neighbours told the Toronto Sun that it was the girl’s father who was stabbed.

The incident happened earlier in the month at the family home in the Streetsville neighbourhood of Mississauga. While the details of the case remain unknown, it is important that this teenager receives the proper defence and that law enforcement respects her rights under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Dealing with criminal charges is hard enough, but it could be even harder for a teenager.

This girl is facing an extremely serious charge and she could potentially be charged with domestic violence, too. Even for an adult, navigating the criminal justice system on either of those charges would be difficult, so it is even more important that a teenager seek out the advice of legal counsel before proceeding further.

Little has been shared with the media about the incident other than the fact that Peel Regional Police responded to reports of a stabbing and found a man in his 50s injured from an apparent “domestic incident.” The man was taken to the hospital, but he died while being cared for. The teenage girl was also arrested at the home by police.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Girl, 15, charged in man’s murder in Mississaugaa,” Chris Doucette, 4 Dec. 2013


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