New sex crime law seeks to protect individuals from cyberbulling Archives

New sex crime law seeks to protect individuals from cyberbulling

Readers are likely well aware that there are multiple laws in place pertaining to sex crimes in Canada. They may not however be aware of a law that recently went into effect. It involves cyberbullying via the use of intimate images of someone who has not provided permission to use them. The law is designed to try to protect individuals from having such images made public.There are multiple things that a court can now do in response to someone committing the offence including preventing the distribution of the images via an order and making the person found guilty of the offence reimburse the victim for the amounts they had to pay to remove the images from the places they were made public. In addition, the court may order that any device used in the commission of the offence is forfeited.Individuals who are found guilty of sharing intimate images without first securing the consent of the individual in the image can be serious. They range from six month's imprisonment on summary conviction, to a maximum of five years' imprisonment.As is the case with any new law it is possible that someone who is accused of committing a crime may not even be aware that what he or she is doing is illegal. Regardless if the circumstances surrounding an accusation of a crime it is vital that the person facing the charge take action in a timely manner to build a defense to the allegation by contacting a criminal defence lawyer.

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