Niagara Falls reports increase in drugs from the GTA

Niagara Falls reports increase in drugs from the GTA

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in drug charges on Thursday October 31, 2013.

Police in Niagara Falls are reporting an increasing number of suspected drug dealers from the Greater Toronto Area coming to the city and selling drugs. Police claim to have found $58,000 worth of heroin, marijuana and cocaine, as well as cash and two weapons. The mayor of Niagara Falls is confident, however, that dealers from the GTA will not be able to make much of a foothold in the city, which indicates that he may look to use harsh police tactics to try to arrest anyone believed to be involved with drugs.

According to the Niagara Regional Police, individuals from the GTA will go to Niagara Falls and sell contraband in the tourist areas. Because they are not from the region and because they are staying in hotels under false names and using different vehicles, it is harder for them to be identified. This has not stopped police from arresting 12 men in their teens and 20s, however.

Being charged with a drug crime is very serious. Though police and prosecutors must respect every defendant’s rights, it can still be difficult to convince police of your innocence if you have been caught up in a coordinated raid. Working with a criminal defence lawyer, however, is one way to ensure your rights are protected. Moreover, a lawyer can help clear an individual’s name when charges are not appropriate.

Niagara Regional Police have arrested these 12 suspected dealers in the span of a few months. It is unknown if these individuals have yet gone to trial and, if so, what their verdict has been.

Source: CBC News, “Toronto-area drug dealers taking trips to Niagara Falls,” Geoff Nixon, 26 Oct. 2013


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