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Ontario cop facing sexual assault charge

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An inspector with the Peel Regional Police is in hot water. The Ontario police officer is facing a sexual assault charge after being investigated by the provincial Special Investigations Unit (SIU). The former homicide squad investigator supposedly assaulted a female police officer.

A well-known Ontario newspaper broke the story despite the fact the SIU had not made the charge public. An SIU spokesperson said it was trying to keep the identity of the alleged victim private. The unit asked the court for a publication ban, but was denied.

With a promotion he earned in September, the accused officer was became an inspector from a detective sergeant. The promotion came with a pay bump to $179,000. The accused, due in court next month, was part of the investigative team that led to the imprisonment of a man for murder. The man was later proved to be innocent.

The police were taken to task for that particular case. A Superior Court judge said the cops used abusive and threatening tactics during their interview sessions. The current employment status of the now-accused police officer is undetermined.

Ontario residents accused of serious crimes like sexual assault would do well to enlist the aid of a lawyer. Those accused have the right to mount an aggressive defence, and having the guidance of a legal team may help lessen any possible sentence imposed, if not have the charges dropped altogether. A lawyer will strive to ensure his or her client’s are treated as per the letter of the law throughout the court proceedings.

Source: the star.com, “High ranking Peel cop charged with sexual assault“, Wendy Gillis, March 16, 2018

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