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Ontario high profile fraud case trial begins

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The trial for a married Peterborough couple accused of using donation money earmarked for a special needs hockey team for their own personal use is underway. Both entered a not guilty plea in an Ontario Court of Justice to charges of fraud over $5,000. Each chose to have the trial with a judge alone rather than a jury.

The pair apparently opened an account in the name of the team and were the only ones to have access to it. People could make online donations through an email account that also belonged to the couple, according to the lawyer for the Crown. Over a three-year period about $30,000 was taken out of the account. On one occasion, money was allegedly withdrawn from the account on the same day that $9,000 was deposited into the accused man’s personal account, while only $1,200 of that was sent over to the hockey team account.

The Crown told the court that these types of scenarios were ongoing, alleging the couple used team money for their own personal expenses. Some of those funds came from various fund raising activities such as a Halloween party in 2015. The accused man told the court he only kept about $300 of the money to cover his own expenses.

Being charged with fraud in Ontario can significantly impact a person’s life. Getting legal counsel is in the best interests of anyone who needs to fight this criminal charge since a conviction could severely impact a person’s way of life. His or her reputation is on the line. A lawyer will mount an aggressive defense and will work with the Crown which may help to reduce the charges of his or her client.

Source: thepeterboroughexaminer.com, “Trial begins for Tucks in Huskies fraud case“, Jason Bain, Jan. 16, 2018

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