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Ontario hockey player facing two charges for sexual assault

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An 18-year-old Ontario hockey player for the Windsor Spitfires is facing two charges related to incidents that occurred in local bar washrooms. One sexual assault charge is in connection with an incident that occurred at a nightclub with other players during a St. Patrick’s Day and end-of-season party. The second sexual assault charge comes from an incident that allegedly occurred three weeks prior to the first count. This second incident is also believed to have occurred in the washroom of a local bar.

Authorities say that they spoke with a 16 year old who said that she had been sexually assaulted at approximately 1:50 a.m. They then took the hockey player into custody after he was named by the girl. He was held in custody and had his bail set at $30,000. During this investigation, police learned about another female who said that she was assaulted by the same man at a different bar.

The hockey player is not originally from Canada and appeared in court recently regarding the accusations. He has been banned from drinking, patronizing bars and possessing any weapons. He has also been banned from Essex County. Moreover, he has been ordered not to contact any witnesses, including any of his fellow teammates that may have information about the case. Three other OHL players have faced sexual assault charges this season.

Athletes sometimes face charges of this nature, but they have the same rights as everyone else. Just like everyone else, the government must prove that they committed the crimes they have been accused of and there should be under no harsher scrutiny than anyone else in Ontario. A criminal defence lawyer may be able to provide assistance to individuals in this situation and to provide them with a solid defence.

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