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Ontario homicide investigation leads to 2 arrests

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Two men are in custody and authorities are looking for a third in connection with a high-profile murder case.  The men — 19 and 22 years of age — have been charged with the homicide of a 26-year-old Ontario man while he was approaching his parked car. Police are searching for the man who they say drove the get-away vehicle.

The two men were recently arrested after cops searched five residences pursuant to search warrants. Police say the victim, who was an electrical engineer, was allegedly approached by the accused as he was making his way to his car, which was parked on the roadside. Cops believe the shooting may have been associated with an ongoing turf war and that the victim was part of a retaliation shooting.

Both men apparently fled the scene on foot and were later picked up by the third man for whom police are searching. The victim’s father said his son never picked fights with anyone, and his family is baffled at who could have had an issue with him. The two accused recently appeared in court for the first time and are scheduled to appear again in the coming weeks.

Ontario residents who are charged with serious crimes like homicide may be able to mount a strong defence by obtaining legal counsel. It is incumbent upon the Crown to prove guilt and a savvy criminal lawyer may be able to aggressively defend his or her client after examining all the evidence. A lawyer will also assess whether his or her client was treated within the letter of law and that includes any execution of search warrants. In some cases, a lawyer is able to have the charges dropped; in others where  a conviction cannot be avoided, he or she may be successful in getting the least life-impacting sentence for the client.

Source: cbc.ca, “2 men charged with 1st-degree murder in Nnamdi Ogba homicide investigation“, March 29, 2018

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