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Ontario man charged as second suspect

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While police have already filed charges associated with the death of a Hamilton man who took two men on a test drive and did not return, a second suspect is now being implicated for the man’s death. A 25-year-old from Oakville is now facing murder charges in the first degree.

According to police, the man is one of the two men that the Hamilton father took for a test drive. The Hamilton man was attempting to sell a vehicle online and took the pair for a drive to test out the pickup truck. Police are in the process of looking for a third person who was reportedly driving behind the pickup truck on the day of the disappearance on May 6. Approximately one week after the test drive, the man’s remains were discovered, burned and beyond recognition, at a farm owned by the first suspect who was one of the men involved in the test drive. Police have indicated that they believe that the accused men killed the man the same night of the test drive. They have not formulated a motive.

According to the man’s lawyer, he will be pleading not guilty. The man gave his name in court and stated that he understood that he would not be able to communicate with certain people related to the trial. According to court records, the second suspect has five previous criminal convictions, including convictions for drug possession, failure to comply and impaired driving. The man will next appear in court on June 13.

When a person faces serious charges, such as homicide charges or charges related to violent crimes, he or she may face serious long-term consequences. Penalties for homicide charges and other violent crimes include lengthy prison sentences and a lifetime of being branded a felon. Criminal defense lawyer may be able to help defendants by ensuring that evidence is properly obtained and presented by the prosecution or seeking a favorable plea agreement.

Source: Ottawa Citizen, “Second suspect in test drive killing charged with first-degree murder”, ALLISON JONES, May 23, 2013

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