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Ontario man charged with former girlfriend’s homicide

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The body of a 29-year-old Hamilton woman was recently found in a parking garage. The victim’s 30-year-old former boyfriend, also an Ontario resident and the father of the her young daughter, is facing a  homicide charge. The second-degree murder charge comes after the woman’s body was found inside her car, which police were looking for since her family reported her as missing. She is the first homicide victim in Hamilton this year.

The parking garage where the woman’s body was found was about 4 kms. from her apartment and in the area she was last spotted. Police said the victim and the accused, who was known to police, had a volatile, often allegedly violent relationship.  Family and friends were preparing to launch a citywide search and poster campaign when the woman’s body was found.

Prior to police releasing the news of her death, the victim’s family and friends said she would never have purposefully left her young daughter, who meant everything to her. The girl is safe and living with her grandparents. Friends and family recently held a vigil for the slain woman.

A defense against homicide in Ontario needs to be aggressive and well-planned. Those who are fighting such criminal charges would benefit from savvy legal counsel. Looking at all the evidence, a criminal defense lawyer would be able to fashion a defense plan to fight his or her client’s charges in court. In this case, the lawyer of the accused will also look at how the accused was taken into custody, which must adhere to the letter of the law as well as how any search warrants were executed along with evidence that was catalogued. All these things must be done according to prescribed procedures.

Source: thestar.com, “Ex-boyfriend charged with second-degree murder in Holly Hamilton’s death“, Nicole O’Reilly, Jan. 18, 2018

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