Ontario man faces attempted homicide, human trafficking charges Archives

Ontario man faces attempted homicide, human trafficking charges

A man in London is facing serious charges, according to Peel Regional Police. The Ontario man is facing both attempted homicide and human trafficking charges following an incident in August. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time, as no court date was listed for him in the report. Furthermore, Peel police are continuing to investigate these incidents.Investigators say the man is believed to have held a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint in an attempt to coerce her into the sex trade. Two days later, on Aug. 5, the man is believed to have shot and injured his 20-year-old cousin while visiting in Brampton. The cousin survived the attack and is currently recovering in the hospital.The London man now faces over 24 charges, including forcible confinement, kidnapping, aggravated assault, sexual assault with a firearm as well as the attempted murder and trafficking charges. If he is found guilty of these charges, he could face serious jail time in addition to other criminal censures. It was not reported if bail has been set for the man.An attempted homicide, while certainly a serious charge to be treated with due gravity, can also be difficult to prove in court. Ontario prosecutors will have to provide relevant evidence concerning a slew of alleged activity in order to address all the charges filed against the man. His criminal defense attorney will carefully examine all the evidence, including police reports of the arrest, to determine whether the man's rights were observed throughout the process. In the end, it will be the responsibility of prosecutors to actually prove each and every element of the crimes charged in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.Source: CTV Toronto, "Peel police: London man charged with attempted murder, human trafficking", Codi Wilson, Sept. 28, 2017

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