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Ontario man facing sexual assault charges relating to a minor

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An employee at one of Canada’s major banks is facing charges in connection with assaulting a minor. The 31-year-old self-described director of data science and model innovation has been charged with two counts of sexual assault after allegedly luring an underage girl on the internet. Toronto police said the accused was arrested for luring a child. In addition to two sexual assault charges, the Ontario resident is facing a charge of possessing child pornography.

The man is also a public speaker. Police believe there may others who the man allegedly assaulted. Police are urging people who believe they have been on the receiving end of inappropriate contact from the accused, to get in touch with them. The incidents are still being investigated.

Sexual assault can often be a confusing charge. The reputations of those charged are on the line, not to mention getting a criminal record and possible jail time if those charged are found guilty. Ontario residents have the right to mount a strong defence against these charges.

An Ontario lawyer will analyze the evidence and the Crown’s case along with his or her client’s version of events regarding the alleged sexual assault. A lawyer may be able to provide a sound opinion about what options are available and how best to proceed in defending the charges. A lawyer may also be able to work to make sure any conditions placed on his or her client alters his or her life as little as possible since those accused are presumed innocent until — and only if — proved otherwise.

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