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Ontario police officer facing sexual assault charge

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A police officer from London has been charged with a number of offences. The Ontario resident is charged with sexual assault in connection with an alleged incident that happened while the 41-year-old was off duty. He has now also been charged with breaching the conditions of his release and criminal harassment.

Police have not released the officer’s name in order to protect the victim’s identity, who apparently was in a relationship with the accused officer, police said. Under the provisions of the Ontario Police Services Act, the accused, who was with the force for two years, has been suspended with pay. In addition to the charges already mentioned, the accused is also facing charges of being in a dwelling unlawfully and of making phone calls that were harassing.

Those facing these types of charges in Ontario have the right to a criminal defence under the law. A lawyer will assess whether the accused was taken into custody properly and if any search warrants executed were done so to the letter of the law. A lawyer focus on the specifics of the sex crime accusations in order to address any legal or factual issues in court.

Even in situations where an outright acquittal does not occur in a sexual assault case, a criminal defence lawyer in Ontario may still be able to secure a positive outcome for the client. In cases where a conviction cannot be avoided, a lawyer may be able to get the client’s sentence reduced considerably. Serious criminal cases such as this one will need a well-executed line of defence to have a successful outcome for the accused.

Source: cbc.ca, “London police officer facing a slew of charges, including sexual assault“, Dec. 13, 2017

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