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Ontario Provincial, Toronto police arrest 11 in trafficking ring

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Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto police and the Canada Border Services Agency have been working together for over three years to bring down an international drug trafficking ring that they say is based out of the Greater Toronto Area. For three years, they have spent countless dollars, interrogating individuals and trying hard to draw connections between packages of drugs arriving in Toronto to individual Canadians. So, what has law enforcement got to show for their work? Eleven people in the GTA have been arrested for trafficking heroin.

Although Toronto law enforcement must have considerable evidence linking the individuals to the drugs, they have not shared it with the public. In order to meet its burden of proof, the Crown must be able to rely on more than just conjecture and suspicion to get a conviction.

Drug trafficking crimes are extremely dangerous, in part because of the serious penalties associated with the crime. Heroin trafficking is more than just simple possession and the punishment certainly reflects it. Someone convicted of heroin trafficking could be sentenced to life in prison, exorbitant fines and a criminal record that could cause serious problems. With such high punishments awaiting a conviction, it is extremely important for anyone facing trafficking charges to work closely with a drug charges lawyer.

In a few of the shipments that police have intercepted, there was apparently more than one dozen kilograms of heroin woven into carpets shipped through Toronto’s Pearson Airport. It was this shipment that seems to have started the concentrated investigation of heroin trafficking in the GTA.

Source: CTV News, “Heroin found woven into carpets at Toronto airport leads to major drug bust,” 25 Sept. 2013

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