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Ontario residents face drug charges

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Four Ontario residents have been arrested after a routine traffic stop. The four individuals are now facing serious drug charges.

An Iroquois Falls Ontario Provincial Police officer stopped a Ford Expedition on Synagogue Street. The stop was allegedly due to an equipment violation. The Ontario Provincial Police officer spoke with the four occupants who were inside the Expedition and then commenced a search of the vehicle based on his observations. Ontario Provincial Police state that the officer searched the vehicle pursuant to the authority of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

As a result of the search, the officer allegedly discovered approximately 150 grams of marijuana, 81 grams of cannabis resin and 59 tablets of oxycontin. The officer seized these drugs as evidence. The drugs have a street value of about $14,000. Drug paraphernalia and $550 in cash was also seized. All of the suspects are 18 years old and from Iroquois Falls. Charges stemming from the search and seizure include counts for possession of a controlled substance, trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime. The four men are expected to appear in Timmins provincial court.

When a suspect is found in possession of an illegal substance, he or she may be charged with more serious crimes, such as drug trafficking, drug distribution, illegally importing drugs, organized illegal drug activity or other crimes in violation of state laws or federal laws. These individuals may face criminal charges that have serious penalties and long-term implications, including prison time, substantial fines and the status as a felon. An Ontario criminal defence lawyer may be able to challenge certain evidence that may be used against a defendant accused of a crime such as the constitutionality of a search and seizure. Criminal defence lawyers may also be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain for the defendant.

Source: Timmins Press, “Four face drug charges“, May 24, 2013

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