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Ontario woman facing fraud charges in connection with bankruptcy

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A Bolton woman, 40, is facing charges stemming from her 2017 bankruptcy. The RCMP’s Integrated Bankruptcy Enforcement Unit (IBEU) laid a number of charges on the Ontario resident including fraud over $5,000 contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. She is also charged with two counts of uttering a forged document and six counts of obtaining credit by false pretense.

Citizens who utilize the bankruptcy system are afforded a fresh start financially. The system is intended to help people get back on their feet. There are some individuals, however, who allegedly take advantage of the system and are usually identified by members of the public, bankruptcy trustees or complaints coming from creditors. These people usually do not comply with duties stipulated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Over a four-year period, the IBEU has charged 56 people with more than 155 offences under the Criminal Code of Canada. Fifty-six people were charged with more than 185 offences under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act generating liabilities of more than $110 million. To defraud the system may result in criminal charges.

An Ontario lawyer may be able to help clients fighting fraud charges to formulate strategies for their particular circumstances. A lawyer highly qualified in criminal defence law is aware of the stringent laws that accompany fraud allegations and he or she may be able to help an accused client to mount the most aggressive defence possible. All fraud cases are regarded by the Crown as being serious and even first-time offenders could face jail time. After analyzing all the evidence, a lawyer may be able to increase the chances of his or her client achieving the best possible outcome.

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