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Ottawa drug bust results in 3 taken into custody

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The Ottawa Police Tactical Unit conducted a search at the 1500 block of Riverside Drive in Ottawa pursuant to a search warrant on June 26. The search resulted in three people being taken into custody, and they are facing charges related to illegal narcotics.

The investigation began in May 2013, when the Ottawa Police Street Crime Unit was looking into the sale of drugs in the eastern part of the city. Investigators reportedly looked into a supplier and allegedly made controlled purchases from him for six weeks. The search warrant was made for his home, and drugs and related items were seized, according to authorities. As part of the search, officers seized cocaine, MDMA, morphine pills, marijuana, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, LSD, hashish and ketamine. The drugs were allegedly valued at approximately $26,800. Cash in the amount of $3,020 was also seized. Officers also allegedly found and confiscated scales, a passport, a knife, cellphones and drug packaging paraphernalia.

The individual who was initially being investigated was charged with 14 counts of drug trafficking, eight counts of possession of proceeds of a crime, six possession charges and one charge for carrying a knife. He is reportedly 22 years old and is on a student visa from Dubai. Another individual who was arrested was released but charged with two counts of possession of proceeds of a crime, one drug trafficking count and one count for possession of drugs. The last person charged was also released on a promise to appear and faces the same charges as the second person who was charged in relation to the crimes.

Ontario criminal defence lawyers may help individuals who are facing serious charges such as drug trafficking charges, drug importation charges or possession of drug charges. They may be able to challenge the validity of a search or negotiate a plea bargain in order to reduce the charges or penalties their clients face.

Source: CTV News CA, “Ottawa police street crime unit seizes drugs during drug trafficking investigation“, June 27, 2013

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