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Peel Regional Police arrest Brampton man on marijuana charges

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A Brampton man has recently been arrested by the Peel Regional Police after they claim they found an extensive drug production operation in a Mississauga commercial building. How the man has been linked to the grow operation remains to be seen, as the Brampton Guardian does not indicate if the man was at the grow site at the time of the Major Drugs and Vice Unit’s raid.

The 31-year-old man is facing quite serious charges, including marijuana possession for the purpose of trafficking. If he is convicted of participating in the marijuana grow operation, the man could be heavily fined, sent to jail and will certainly develop a criminal record. If the man ever wants to be able to go to the United States, a conviction on these charges would certainly make a trip south difficult.

Police are saying that the 1,113 plants and 13,911 grams of marijuana would cost an estimated $1,525,780.

Again, it is not entirely clear how this man was connected to the grow operation or whether the Crown has any evidence that will hold up in court. If he wasn’t at the commercial building at the time of the raid, there will need to be more than just a “suspicion” or a “tip” that can put that man in charge of the operation.

As it is, it is difficult to believe that a single individual could be responsible for growing, processing and selling all of this product, which means that perhaps police should be out looking for other suspects.

Source: Brampton Guardian, “Police bust $1.5M marijuana grow-op on Sismet Rd.” Joseph Chin, Feb. 19, 2014

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