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Peel Regional Police raid Mississauga home

A 25-year-old Mississauga man has been arrested following a raid of the home he was in by Peel Regional Police. While it is not entirely clear what led officers to the home, the Toronto Sun reports that he has been charged with both weapons charges and drug possession. Police claim to have found $5,875, 16 ounces of marijuana, 2.7 ounces of cocaine and eight grams of crack cocaine. Two women were also charged during the raid, but only for possession for the purposes of trafficking, not on the weapons charge.It is not entirely clear why the Crown is charging the young man with drugs and weapons charges. While the man is believed to be a resident of the home that was raided, that does not necessarily mean that the weapons, the money or the drugs were his. If there were two other people arrested, would it not be reasonable to assume that the weapons or drugs could be theirs?The young man who was arrested has already had a brush with the law and was on parole at the time of his arrest. In addition to the parole, there are two court orders in place that prohibit the young man from having any firearms or ammunition. This could give even more credence to the assumption that the weapons and drugs belonged to the women arrested, as the young man is more than aware of the danger of violating his parole and the conditions of the court order.It is now up to the young man and his criminal defence lawyer to defend against the very serious charges that have been levelled against him.Source: Toronto Sun, "Parolee faces gun and drug charges," Chris Doucette, Jan. 25, 2013

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