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Police arrest men accused of Ottawa-Toronto drug ring

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Police apparently collected weapons and drugs after police tactical teams conducted drug raids in Ottawa over the course of four days. The police have arrested six people in conjunction with the raids, some of whom now face drug trafficking charges and charges related to the possession of illegal narcotics.

Police had been working on the investigation for six months before they moved in for the raid. They focused on a group of individuals who travelled to Toronto until they returned to Ottawa. As a result of the raid, police found two guns, seven kilograms of cocaine, an unspecified amount of marijuana, prescription drugs and cash worth over $34,000. The street value of the cocaine was approximately $700,000. Some of the defendants are suspected of being part of a local gang. The police are still working on the investigation and expect to arrest more individuals. They also plan to test the guns that were found to see if they are associated with any other unsolved crimes.

The six arrested individuals are between 20 and 29 years old. Most of them are from Ottawa, but one is from Gatineau. They face a variety of charges, including possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, possession of property related to crime, possession of a firearm acquired by crime, altering a firearm, failing to comply with the judicial release conditions and participating in a criminal organization.

Individuals who are facing serious drug charges may wish to consult with Toronto criminal defence lawyers. A lawyer may be able to inform them if police violated any of their constitutional rights when they searched properties or executed warrants. If they had, the evidence police collect may be thrown out and charges dropped

Source: Metro Ottawa, “Street gang drug bust tracked $700K of cocaine from Toronto to Ottawa,” Graham Lanktree, 3 April 2013

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