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Police claim GTA residents were selling drugs from Niagara Falls hotel

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When multiple people are arrested in connection with alleged drug trafficking, the extent to which each party is involved, if at all, is often not immediately clear. People may find themselves facing a serious drug charge simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To convict a person of a drug offence, the prosecution must make an evidentiary connection between the defendant and the drug in question. If doubt about such a connection can be established early in the legal process, then the Crown may decide that pursuing the charge is not likely to lead to a conviction. The Crown is also supposed to drop the charge if moving forward with the prosecution is not in the public interest.

Five individuals from the GTA are currently facing serious criminal charges related to heroin, cocaine and firearms. The defendants’ ages range from 18 to 40, and they were arrested after police searched a hotel room in Niagara Falls. Specifically, investigators claim the defendants were using various hotel rooms to sell drugs.

According to a news report, the police obtained a search warrant and seized a loaded handgun, 20 grams of cocaine, about 30 grams of heroin, and what was described as a large amount of cash. All five defendants have been charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

A news report does not indicate exactly what information prompted investigators to obtain a search warrant, though that issue may come up in court. It also remains to be seen how prosecutors plan to prove that each individual is actually involved in drug trafficking.

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