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Police use wiretaps to arrest people connected to Rob Ford

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Although everyone in Toronto has been made painfully aware of Mayor Rob Ford’s drug issues, they may not know of the other people who have also been arrested in the aftermath. Many of the people who have since been arrested are convinced that they were targeted by Ford, but whether Ford directed the Toronto police force toward these individuals remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that the north Etobicoke apartment complex was raided after wiretapped conversations sent police there.

Even if Ford did not send police into the Dixon Road neighborhoods, the Information to Obtain a search warrant was focused on the mayor because of the number of times his name had been mentioned in wiretapped conversations during the first coordinated probe, Traveller. Over time, links were made and the second probe, Project Brazen 2, resulted in a number of arrests.

At the same time, when Ford’s friend and chauffeur called the home in which the mayor allegedly smoked crack cocaine, he threatened that Ford would put pressure on the neighborhood if the mayor’s lost phone was not returned. Granted, it is unknown if the friend was speaking on behalf of Ford at the time, but the implication certainly was that the mayor could and would go after the neighborhood.

It is unclear if we will ever really know whether the mayor had anything to do with these arrests. What we do know, however, is that the men and women facing drug charges are at risk of serious punishment if they are convicted.

Source: The Vancouver Sun, “Intercepted calls lead to charges,” Christie Blatchford, 6 Dec. 2013

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