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Pot smokers busted, charged with drug trafficking and more

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If a person gives the appearance of doing something suspicious, it does not always follow that a crime has been, or is about to be, committed. Unfortunately, the mere appearance of suspicion may be enough to garner attention from the police, whether warranted or not. Two Greater Toronto Area residents face multiple charges each, including drug trafficking, after police officers noticed them sitting in a parked car.

On May 22, police in Barrie spotted a vehicle parked behind a hotel. Although the police refuse to say why they felt the situation was suspicious, officers approached the vehicle. The two occupants, a 21-year-old male and a 19-year-old female, were allegedly found to be smoking marijuana in the car.

According to police, neither individual could produce identification. When an officer tried to arrest the male suspect, who was in the driver’s seat, the man allegedly resisted. The woman evidently grabbed a bag from near the man’s feet and attempted to flee the scene. A second officer soon apprehended her.

The bag allegedly contained a loaded handgun, as well as drug paraphernalia and a quantity of heroin. More drug gear and cash were found on the man’s person. Both individuals now each face two charges of drug possession, one for drug trafficking, as well as a charge of obstructing a police officer, and three weapons-related charges. The man also faces eight charges related to violation of his probation.

For this pair, what probably seemed like a harmless smoke in a car escalated into a significant legal problem. To mount an effective defence against the charges will require a thorough analysis of the details surrounding the arrest. The best person to handle this important task may be a criminal defence lawyer. Anyone charged with drug trafficking, or other serious offences in or around Toronto should strongly consider seeking legal counsel.

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