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Private school teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault

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Allegations of misconduct can send shockwaves through a community when the accused is known by many. Accusations alone are not proof, but they are damaging, nonetheless. A teacher working just west of Toronto has lost his job after his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault.

On March 3, police in Mississauga acted on a complaint about an alleged sexual assault. They arrested a 41-year-old in connection with the complaint, but released few details. The accused is a teacher at a private Islamic school, and the school was quick to release a statement after the arrest.

According to the school principal, although the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the teacher was suspended and is no longer employed by the school. Though the police did not offer the information, the school indicated the charges were sexual assault and sexual exploitation. It was not indicated whether a student was involved, though it was confirmed the alleged incident did not happen on the school grounds or during school hours. Peel Police did confirm the apparent assault was outside of school property.

It is unfortunate that in the school’s effort to distance itself from the accused, the teacher has lost his position, despite the fact nothing is proved. This is the reality for people charged with sexual assault and other violent crimes. Though little can be done about the employment situation in the immediate future, a favorable resolution may go a long way toward restoring the teacher’s reputation. A Toronto criminal defence lawyer who is unafraid to take on violent crime accusations in court may be the best chance for the defendant.

Source: CBC News – Toronto, “Teacher from private Islamic school in Mississauga charged with sexual assault“, Lauren Pelley, March 5, 2017

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