Rapper told not to come to York University after criminal charges

Rapper told not to come to York University after criminal charges

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in violent crimes on Tuesday October 01, 2013.

What many people in Mississauga may not realize is that even the slightest rumor that someone has committed a violent crime is enough to permanently tarnish a reputation. If someone is facing criminal charges for violent crimes, he or she not only has to deal with serious punishment if convicted, but also the discrimination that comes with having a negative reputation. Working with a criminal defence lawyer can help to both have charges cleared, but also to rebuild a damaged reputation.


Though most people in Mississauga can’t relate to having a concert cancelled because of pending violent criminal charges, the rapper A$AP Rocky was recently asked not to come to the York University “YorkFest Concert” because he stands accused of slapping a woman. Though he has yet to be convicted, the York Federation of Students Board of Directors is refusing to allow him to participate in a long-planned concert.

Though most people are not losing out on concert deals, there are certainly individuals who have served time for violent offences or are even suspected of injuring another whose employment has been compromised. It doesn’t matter if there is evidence that supports the charge, many employers are willing to fire or suspend someone on the mere suspicion of violent crimes, rationalizing that they are protecting their other employees.

If a suspect is able to have charges dropped, however, he or she may be able to repair his or her reputation. It will certainly go far to restoring some of what a suspect lost after being charged with assault and battery.

Source: University Herald, “Toronto University Cancels A$AP Rocky Concert Over Assault Charge,” Stephen Adkins, Sept. 16, 2013


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