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RCMP searching for drug trafficking suspects

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RCMP is searching for clues after drugs were found in an Ontario airport restroom. RCMP suspects that a drug trafficking ring is behind the find that Canada Border Services Agency officers discovered in Mississauga.

The border services officers observed packages that they thought were suspicious while they were at Terminal 3. The packages were in the CBSA Primary Inspection Hall men’s restroom at Pearson International Airport on June 17. There was an overhang shelf area that was over the stalls in the bathroom, and officers located the packages there. The packages were wrapped with tape that was colored white and orange.

A significant amount of cocaine was found in the packages. Additionally, officers found a cell phone, batteries, a battery charger and a cord. Officers seized a sum of 16 packages, weighing a total of 18.2 kg. The test was positive for cocaine upon further examination. An inspector who is the Officer in Charge of the RCMP Toronto Airport Detachment said that Toronto remains a prime location for shipping drugs from drug smugglers.

Ontario criminal defence lawyers may help individuals who are suspected of committing drug crimes. RCMP may charge them with counts regarding truck trafficking, conspiracy charges, trafficking heroin, trafficking meth, illegally importing drugs or other criminal charges related to the possession, distribution or trafficking of drugs. A criminal defence lawyer may be able to argue that a search and seizure was illegal. Criminal defence lawyers may also be able to help individuals who are facing drug charges avoid prison time or mitigate prison time due to a variety of factors, such as cooperating or the lack of a criminal history.

Source: Mississauga.com, “Cocaine found in airport washroom”, July 04, 2013

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