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Report shows rate of crime down in Toronto, throughout nation

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Each day, people throughout the nation face criminal charges for activities authorities deem to be against the law. While based on media reports, it may seem as though crime is a big problem throughout Canada, data recently released regarding this matter shows a different result. The crime data was released by Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada undertakes an analysis of crime in the country each year. Looking at the records of crimes that were committed, it creates a crime severity index. The index, which gives more weight to homicide and other crimes considered to be more serious, breaks down the country into geographic regions, and provides information regarding crimes per capita.

Residents of Toronto may be interested to hear that according to the crime severity index, compared to other major cities in Canada, Toronto is the safest. In fact, only one other city of any size scored better in the report—Barrie, Ontario.

While overall crime in Toronto is declining, certain crimes were found to be on the uptick. These include:

  • Human trafficking
  • Child pornography offences

The increase in those crimes is likely due at least in part to police enforcement initiatives and legislative changes.

For individuals who are accused of committing a crime in the Toronto area, these statistics are probably of little interest. Instead, their focus is likely on securing a lawyer to defend them against the criminal charges. This makes sense since in most cases the sooner one secures a criminal defence lawyer, the sooner they can begin to build a case against the allegations.

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