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RIDE check leads to drug trafficking charges outside Toronto

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Like a fishing trawler dragging a net, sometimes a police stop catches more than was originally intended. For anyone caught, it may seem like an unfair situation. An Ontario Provincial Police RIDE stop near Cambridge recently landed a car full of unwitting people who are now facing drug trafficking charges.

On April 20, OPP officers conducting a RIDE check pulled over a vehicle at 12:56 a.m. on the ramp from Highway 24 to the 401. The driver of the vehicle entered the check stop as directed, but fled the scene without coming to a stop. Officers intercepted the vehicle further down the highway in Kitchener.

A search of the vehicle and its occupants yielded drugs and cash allegedly worth more than $12,000. The driver was also found to be impaired. Three people were charged after the stop, a 46-year-old male, a 24 year-old male and a 20 year-old female. Together, the three face charges for possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime, impaired driving by drug and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

No one intends to be caught by the police while allegedly in the possession of drugs. Once an arrest occurs, however, the accused has no choice but to prepare a defence and wait for his or her day in court. Perhaps the best way to prepare is to find a skilled criminal defence lawyer and discuss the case with him or her. An experienced lawyer who has handled many drug trafficking cases in Ontario in the past may be able to bring about a better outcome than may otherwise be possible.

Source: CBC News – Kitchener-Waterloo, “Cambridge OPP arrest three people for drug trafficking“, April 24, 2017

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