Rob Ford asked to participate in police investigation

Rob Ford asked to participate in police investigation

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in drug charges on Tuesday November 05, 2013.

For the past six months or so, Mayor Rob Ford has been embroiled in a drug scandal. In May, Gawker and the Toronto Star reported on a video that allegedly showed the mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine, but that video has never aired in public. For months, Ford denied being a drug addict, but he has recently admitted to using the drug once approximately one year ago. According to Ford, he was highly intoxicated when he was apparently filmed.

Though the mayor is not currently facing a criminal investigation, his story is illustrative of how drug charges can tarnish a reputation. Though an individual citizen’s personal business would not make national and international headlines as Ford’s has, when someone is accused of using something like crack cocaine, his or her image can suffer. It may affect job prospects, housing and personal relationships, even if the individual is eventually cleared of all wrongdoing.

According to the BBC, one city councillor has proposed a motion that would force Ford to take a leave of absence. Moreover, he would also be forced to comply with a police investigation. Whether Ford is expected to be investigated further remains to be seen.

Ford has subsequently Apologized for his behaviour, though he has said that he never lied about using crack cocaine. Instead, he merely said that he currently does not use the drug and does not exhibit any signs of addiction.

As part of a larger drug investigation, one of Ford’s friends has been indicted on various drug charges.

Source: BBC, “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack,” 5 Nov. 2013


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