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Security camera image leads to Markham man’s arrest

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Most of us in Markham have seen pictures of people on security cameras and closed-circuit television, barely being able to make out any discernible features. With some cameras, it is utterly impossible to tell who the picture is supposed to be of, but police use these pictures all the time to make arrests. And, should they choose, the Crown can submit grainy, hard-to-read pictures in court to try and prove a defendant was doing what was alleged. Sometimes that works in the defendant’s favor when the jury or judge doubts the Crown. But, a blurry picture could also be what sends a defendant to prison.

For a 33-year-old Markham man who was arrested last month, it seems a surveillance camera may have contributed to his arrest. He was picked up for sexual assault after he allegedly groped a woman at the Pacific Mall.

Investigators with the York Regional Police are looking into the case and potentially are trying to link him to further gropings in Toronto and Markham. They are soliciting the public for more complaints.

According to the Markham Economist & Sun, the 33-year-old was stopped by security guards at the mall before being turned over to the York police. The police had responded to the mall following the woman’s complaint that she had been groped. It seems that police reviewed the tapes on which the assault was captured, picked up the suspect and charged him. He is facing three charges: committing an indecent act, sexual assault and criminal harassment.

It remains to be seen just how clear the pictures of this incident were and whether the suspect could be made out on the tapes.

Source: Markham Economist & Sun, “Markham man charged after sex assault at Pacific Mall,” Jeremy Grimaldi, 31 Dec. 2013

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