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Serious criminal allegations follow seizure of explosive device

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Few things are scarier that an arrest and accusations of criminal conduct. Serious criminal allegations that result in convictions come with severe penalties, especially if there are weapons involved. Ontario residents facing such circumstances will likely be exploring the defence options available to them.

When Toronto police recently executed a drug warrant at a residential home, they learned of an explosive device located in the garage. With the assistance of the CBRNE team that deals with chemical, radiological, nuclear and explosive devices, the surrounding homes were evacuated before they removed the device. Officers then detonated it in a safe location. At the same time, police seized hundreds of ammunition rounds along with two guns and an amount of cash.

Police arrested a 26-year-old resident of the home, and he is now facing 15 charges related to weapons and drugs. Included are charges for explosive device possession, unauthorized possession of a restricted firearm and careless storage of that firearm. The drug-related charges include trafficking marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone along with a charge of possessing criminal proceeds.

This man is facing serious criminal allegations, and other Ontario residents in similar situations often choose to seek the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defence lawyer. A seasoned legal representative can protect the rights of an accused individual and provide advocacy as the case proceeds. He or she can conduct a full investigation and use the help of investigators to build a strong defence. If the case moves to trial, a lawyer can question the evidence and provide persuasive arguments for the defendant’s case.

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