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Sexual assault charges levelled against Mississauga psychologist

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We’ve written before about the negative impact a criminal charge can have on a professional’s career and reputation. An accused individual doesn’t even have to be convicted for an allegation to damage his or her career. For example, consider our recent post on the restrictions placed on a Mississauga physician’s practice.

Now another Mississauga professional is facing serious criminal charges in connection with allegations that date back to 2001. Three counts of sexual assault have been brought against a former psychologist who was already disciplined in 2012 by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). Investigators recently arrested the man after a patient reported the alleged misconduct to legal authorities.

Reportedly, during CPO proceedings that ended in 2012, the psychologist admitted that in 2002 he inappropriately touched a male patient’s shoulders, chest and leg. The regulatory board ultimately decided to discipline the psychologist, who agreed never to practice again anywhere in the world.

Ontario law does not require medical regulatory bodies such as the CPO to report a possible criminal offence by a member. In this case, nearly two years passed between the CPO’s ruling and the start of the criminal investigation.

Ontario’s Regulated Health Professions Act governs medical regulatory boards. You can read more about the act’s confidentiality requirements here.

Thorough preparation is necessary to defend effectively against allegations of sexual assault, and a proactive approach to criminal defence is the best way to prepare. A person doesn’t have to wait to be charged to begin mounting a defence. If you suspect that you are being investigated by authorities, then you should contact a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

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