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Sexual assault: Questioning the honesty of accusers

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Many people are standing up and speaking out about assault, while others are questioning whether all the accusations are on the up and up. Accusing someone of sexual assault is not to be taken lightly, but — as certain instances have shown — accusers can’t always be believed 100 per cent either. In fact, an Ontario female police commissioner has groomed her force to not always believe alleged sexual assault victims.

Police, the commissioner said, should act as investigators while at the same time respecting the supposed victims. She said the first line of business for police who are investigating allegations of sexual assault is not to presume the victim is telling the truth since doing so could impede the criminal justice process. The United Kingdom even frowns on using the term ‘victim,’ since it can infer that a crime has unquestionably taken place.

Canada, on the other hand, has introduced Bill C-51, which will become law after its Senate readings. The law will look upon any communication intended for a sexual purpose or has content of a sexual nature as being sexual activity. In essence, if someone has given false or misleading evidence, this law will make it known that evidence exists that shows he or she was lying, giving the person time to explain the situation.

An Ontario lawyer may be able to provide guidance and advice to Ontario residents accused of sexual assault. This is a serious criminal offence that could significantly change the lives of those accused should they be found guilty. A lawyer will work with his or her client to mount the most aggressive defence possible with the goal of obtaining the best possible outcome in court.

Source: nationalpost.com, “Christie Blatchford: Unlike Canada, U.K. has learned sex assault ???victims??? aren???t always victims“, Christie Blatchford, Accessed on April 6, 2018

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