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Smartphone app assists with law enforcement encounters

These days individuals throughout the Toronto area have smartphones. In addition to using them to communicate, people rely upon apps to assist with a wide variety of tasks. Because of this reliance readers are probably not surprised to learn there is an app that can assist with encounters with law enforcement.Called Legalswipe, the new app is designed to provide users with information regarding their rights. Options are provided to the user regarding what the officer is seeking. Depending on what the user selects, various questions the user might benefit from asking are provided. It also gives the user information regarding what they are in fact required to do in response to the officers' requests.In addition to providing the user with information, the app is also able to sent geo-tagged email messages and make recordings of what is transpiring. The resulting videos can also be sent to a remote server.Developed by a law school graduate who is now studying for his bar exams, the app is free and available for both apple as well as android devices. The man was prompted to create the app after he had a bad experience with law enforcement which led him to pursue a formal complaint against the officers. He is hoping to expand the program further by adding additional languages and is seeking to raise the necessary money via crowdfunding.The average individual who is stopped by a police officer is not aware of his or her rights. This can result in someone being unjustly arrested and charged with a crime. When this does happen a criminal defence lawyer can be of assistance.

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