Sometimes criminal charges just don’t make sense Archives

Sometimes criminal charges just don’t make sense

You could expect that if you threw a knife at someone that you would be facing criminal charges. You could also expect to face assault charges for hitting someone, kicking them or maybe even pushing them. Not many people in the Greater Toronto Area would expect, however, for someone to be facing criminal charges for throwing a juice box at an individual and pouring the juice on the hood of a her car. Though those actions may not be wise or even appropriate, a charge of assault with a weapon may be going a bit far.Sadly, that is one of three criminal charges a 17-year-old girl is facing after a particularly heated interaction with her grandmother. The Cornwall teenager stands charged with breaching probation orders and mischief, in addition to the assault with a weapon charge. She was arrested and taken into custody.Again, it is not necessarily a good idea to throw a juice box at your grandmother or to then pour the juice on the hood of your grandmother's car, but a criminal charge does not seem appropriate. If this teenager is convicted, she could develop a serious criminal record that could haunt her for years to come. And when employers, schools or landlords discover that she has been convicted of assault with a weapon, they likely won't take the time to find out that weapon was a juice box.The teenager is also accused of threatening her grandmother with bodily harm, though there is no indication that she planned to carry out her threats.Source: Toronto Sun, "Teen charged after alleged juice box assault," June 26, 2014

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