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Street sweeper operator facing impaired driving charges

Operating any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be dangerous and is against the law. Whenever perceived drunk drivers in Ontario are pulled over and they fail a Breathalyzer test, they will face impaired driving charges. But these tests aren't always 100 percent accurate, and there have been several instances when a breath test provided false readings and the accused driver actually wasn't impaired at all.It is incumbent upon police to conduct any roadside tests properly and legally. Such should have been the case in the recent arrest of a 48-year-old man facing impaired driving charges after operating a street sweeper on a busy Ontario highway while allegedly consuming alcohol. Police said witnesses spotted the street sweeper travelling at a very slow rate of speed, and one witness said the operator looked like he was drinking alcohol.Police arrested the man after locating the street sweeper. The operator has been charged with driving impaired and driving over the legal limit. He was also charged with having open alcohol in the vehicle.Retaining experienced legal counsel for impaired driving charges in Ontario should be the first step for those facing charges. A criminal defence lawyer may be able to negotiate with the Crown for possible resolutions for his or her client. In addition, an experienced lawyer will help his or her client to determine the best possible strategy regarding the client's particular case and, if necessary, can defend him or her in court against any and all evidence.Source:

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