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Those behind Ashley Madison hack could face criminal charges

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By now most people have likely heard about the hack of the dating website for married people. The hack of Ashley Madison, the Canadian-based company, has resulted in the release of personal information of tens of millions of customers. In addition to credit card data, their names were released to the public. The release has undoubtedly caused many of the people signed up for the service to scramble to determine how they will approach the issue with their spouse and families.

According to law enforcement, those who released the data did more than just create difficult situations for the service’s customers. They engaged in a criminal act. The illegal act is tied to the alleged extortion attempt that those who claimed to be behind the hack made before the releasing the data. Specifically, in exchange for keeping the client information private, the hackers allegedly sought to have the service closed.

In trying to identify the individuals behind the hack, Canadian authorities are working with law enforcement officers in the United States. Additionally, the owner of the dating service—Avid Life Media—is seeking information regarding the hack. If it receives information that leads to arrests, it will pay a $500,000 reward to the person who provides it.

If individuals are identified as suspects to the crime, they could face criminal charges which, if convicted, could result in serious penalties. Should this situation arise, the sooner legal representation from a criminal defence lawyer is sought, the better the chance for a positive outcome.

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