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Toronto area residents arrested in drug raid

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There are multiple situations in which a drug arrest could occur. Sometimes they are a matter of a law enforcement officer being in the right place at the right time. Other times however, they are the result of an investigation. The latter situation recently led to a raid that resulted in, among other things, the seizure of $70,000 of cocaine.

Nicknamed Project Bluenose, the investigation involved a total of 110 police officers. In the course of the raid, in addition to the cocaine, narcotics including Oxycodone, hashish, marijuana and MDMA were seized. Jewelry, vehicles and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle were also taken in the raid.

As a result of the raid, 15 search and arrest warrants were executed and 12 people were arrested and charged with a variety of crimes including: drug trafficking, money laundering, drug possession, conspiracy to commit money laundering and possession of a prohibited weapon. Several of the individuals who were arrested are from the Toronto area.

Regardless of what leads to an arrest for a crime it is important that those facing criminal charges take steps to build a criminal defence. In creating that defence it is possible that the condition under which the narcotics and other items were seized could be challenged. If the laws in place regarding search and seizure were not followed to the letter, it is possible that some evidence could be thrown out. This in turn would weaken the Crown’s case and strengthen that of the accused. For most people to be successful in defending a criminal case it is necessary to seek the assistance of a criminal defence lawyer.

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