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Toronto chess instructor accused of sexual assault

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To be a teacher is to be in a position of trust — trust from parents, children and the educational institute. When that trust is alleged to have been broken, things can become very difficult for the accused in an instant. A Toronto instructor facing charges of sexual assault now finds himself in the middle of a teacher’s nightmare.

Toronto Police arrested a 55-year old man on Sept. 14, 2016, after a complaint was filed against him. The accused is a chess instructor at a private school in the northeast corner of Scarborough. The parents of a 10-year old female student of the school made the complaint after their daughter was allegedly assaulted while at her lessons. He has been charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault.

The owner of the school professed to be thoroughly shocked and refunded the child’s tuition. The accused has taught at the Toronto school for five years without a single complaint until now. There are a total of six instructors at the school, with classes of 10 students each. The owner says an open-door policy is in place at the school. The accused has been asked to stay away from the school while the investigation continues.

The weight of an accusation of sexual assault, or any violent crime, can be enough to crush a person’s reputation. Personal and professional relationships may suffer as a result of charges of this nature. Anyone who ends up in this delicate situation might stand the best chance of restoring their lives by getting help from criminal defense professionals.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Chess school owner ‘shocked’ by charges against instructor“, Chris Doucette, Sept. 17, 2016

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