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Toronto man accused of east end sexual assault

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The unfortunate truth is a person can accuse another person of just about anything. If it happens there are no witnesses to corroborate the story, it becomes a matter of “he said, she said,” an all-too-common occurrence. Even if evidence is presented, the entire story may not be immediately evident. When the accusations include allegations of sexual assault, life can become very difficult for the accused, regardless of what actually happened.

A 41-year-old Toronto man was arrested by police on Feb. 14, following an investigation into an incident that allegedly occurred the previous month. A 38-year-old woman claims she met a man in downtown Toronto either Jan. 11 or Jan. 12. The two then travelled in the man’s vehicle to a location in Scarborough near the intersection of Danforth Road and Birchmount Road.

According to the woman, the man proceeded to sexually assault her. She also claims he threatened her and forcibly confined her. He was charged with assault, sexual assault, threatening death, forcible confinement, escaping lawful custody and possession of a weapon. A court appearance was scheduled for Feb. 18.

The charges in this case are plentiful and serious. There may be physical evidence to support some of the charges, but the burden of proof could be difficult to live up to. Nevertheless, it may take a criminal defence lawyer to help achieve the best possible outcome in a case like this. Any person accused of serious crimes in Toronto, including sexual assault, should think about seeking a skilled and experienced representative to present the strongest possible defence.

Source: CTV News – Toronto, “Suspect charged after woman confined, sexually assaulted in Scarborough“, Rachael D’Amore, Feb. 16, 2017

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