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Toronto man arrested after police raid, find drugs and replicas

This blog often covers stories about individuals who are arrested on and charged with drug crimes, but that is not a monolithic charge -- there are many different charges that fall within the category of drug crimes. Sometimes even small differences in what police find in a raid is enough to enhance a charge. With drug penalties already quite high, having a sentence enhancement for something like being arrested with a weapon is certainly something to avoid.For a 29-year-old Toronto man who was recently arrested following a police raid of a home, the firearms charges that he is also facing could increase the severity of the drug crimes with which he is also dealing.The interesting thing is, however, that police found replicas of submachine guns and pistols. It is not entirely clear if these replicas are functional, if they are at all dangerous or if they are merely models. If they are not actually weapons, though, the firearms charges that he is facing are somewhat questionable. This is just one of the many things that his criminal defence lawyer will want to cover while preparing the man's case.Police from the 54 Division were the ones that executed the search of the home. They claim to have found crystal methamphetamine and marijuana in addition to the replica weapons. In total, the 29-year-old has been charged with 11 different crimes. If convicted, he could face substantial fines, time in prison, as well as a host of other serious consequences.Source: Toronto Sun, "Firearms, drug arrest in Toronto," Chris Doucette, April 26, 2014

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