Toronto man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Toronto man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Drunk Driving on Thursday April 25, 2013.

A man from Toronto is suspected of driving drunk and crashing a stolen vehicle into a tree. He is now facing a variety of charges, including charges for impaired driving.

Police responded to a call from a resident who was concerned that there was a possible drunk driver in the neighborhood. Orillia Ontario Provincial Police officers located the suspected driver by Mississaga Street and saw him run through a red light. They then turned on their lights and followed the driver who did not pull over, reports Orillia Today. Finally, the driver crashed into a tree at the Mississaga Street and Barrie Road intersection.

Police say that the man who crashed into the tree provided them with a false identity and was not compliant with the arrest. He now faces charges that include impaired operation of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, flight and probation violation. A female passenger who was with him is being charged with possession of stolen property obtained by crime, obstructing or resisting a peace officer, and failing to comply with an undertaking or recognizance.

Individuals who face criminal charges may be confronted with serious long-term consequences, including serving jail time, having to pay large fines and being placed on probation. Individuals who are in this situation may seek assistance from a Toronto criminal defence lawyer. A lawyer may be able to help a defendant avoid a jail sentence or may be able to get a shorter jail sentence for his or her client through a plea agreement.

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