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Toronto police search for suspect in sexual assault case

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A Toronto cab driver is suspected of committing a sexual assault after a woman got in his cab early in the morning on March 3. According to police, the sexual assault occurred after the woman boarded the cab in the area by Peter Street and Adelaide Street West in Toronto.

The woman claimed that she was leaving a night club in the area at about 3 a.m. when the cab driver drove her to Gerrard Street East and Clonmore Drive. She has said that it was in this relatively secluded spot that she was sexually assaulted.

While the woman has given police a description of the man that she says attacked her, it is unknown how police will use this information in trying to track down the individual she says assaulted her. With a very generic description of the young man and an even more generic description of the van, it is very possible that the police may start stopping everyone who could possibly fit. The problem is, however, that everyone in Toronto and across Canada has rights protecting them against harassment from police.

When a person is being investigated for criminal sexual conduct, he or she may wish to contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer. A Toronto criminal defence lawyer may be able to help a suspect avoid long-term consequences such as prison time, hefty fines or having to add his or her name to a sex offender registry. One way to defeat the allegations is by examining the evidence in the case, which is all too often is only the accuser’s allegation.

Source: CTV News, “Police seek suspect after alleged sexual assault by cab driver,” Joshua Freeman, 3 March 2013

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