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Toronto residents face multiple drug charges

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Peel Regional Police have arrested two Toronto residents after the department’s crime gang unit apprehended a man suspected of selling drugs near Dixie Road and Dundas Street East in Mississauga. The initial arrest led police to the Toronto residents, who are now facing drug charges after a raid of their home turned up drugs.

The 29- and 20-year-old suspects were arrested at a home in the Queensway area. Police seized drugs at the home after they executed a search warrant; they allegedly discovered nine ounces of heroin, one ounce of cocaine, two ounces of crack cocaine and one ounce of marijuana during their search. The two individuals arrested consequently face a variety of drug charges, including possession for the purpose of drug trafficking.

Individuals who are convicted of drug charges are often penalized very seriously. In addition to large fines and limited freedom through probation or parole, they may be sentenced to years in prison. Many times, defendants may deal with charges imposed by federal laws, which generally carry stiffer penalties. They may also be charged with more serious crimes, including allegations of illegally importing drugs, trafficking or drug distribution. It is also possible for them to be slapped with a conspiracy charge if other individuals were involved, which can add additional prison time to their sentence.

When one is dealing with criminal charges that come with long-term implications, he or she may be best served by working with a Toronto criminal defence lawyer, who may be able to obtain a plea agreement to arrange a shorter sentence or avoid a prison sentence. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a defence lawyer may be able to argue that a search and seizure was not conducted in the proper manner, which may allow the lawyer to have evidence excluded.

Source: The Mississauga News, “Mississauga bust leads to arrests in Toronto,” Chris Clay, Feb. 25, 2013

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