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Toronto sees increase in impaired-driving charges

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It is fair to say that most drivers are aware that drunk driving is against the law. Law enforcement officers and other entities often run campaigns to keep residents of the Toronto area aware of the dangers that are tied to the activity. From time to time there are also enforcement initiatives during which time it is not uncommon for there to be an increase in the number of people arrested for suspicion of committing the crime.

Drunk driving is not the only thing that police officers are looking for on Ontario roads. They also arrest drivers suspected of driving while impaired by drugs. Because currently, no device exists that can help determine whether someone is too impaired to drive as a result of drug use, these arrests are only made following an assessment by a drug recognition officer. According to Toronto police, as compared to 2015, the number of people being arrested for this activity is up.

Actually, the number is way up in 2016–by 150 per cent. At the beginning of May in 2015, at total of 10 individuals had been arrested and charged with impaired driving due to drug use. This, year, that number was 25. The arrests are attributed to not only to the use of marijuana but the combination of narcotics and depressants as well. Whether the numbers will continue on this path throughout the remainder of the year is unclear.

As is the case with drunk driving, the consequences for a conviction can be serious. Accordingly, the best course of action for anyone facing such a charge is to quickly take steps to build a defence. In most cases this involves contacting a criminal defence lawyer for assistance.

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