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Toronto teacher faces sexual assault charges

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When people in positions of trust are accused of unthinkable crimes, a natural reaction may be for the public to vilify the person accused of the acts. Currently, a Toronto school teacher may be experiencing that kind of criticism as she faces charges of sexual assault involving a person under the age of 16. Because of the serious nature of the charges against her, it is likely that the teacher has reached out to an attorney to plan her defense.

The woman, who taught fourth grade last year, apparently developed a relationship with a former student that allegedly became sexual. When authorities were alerted, they say their investigation revealed the illicit behaviour of the teacher, and she was subsequently arrested at her home. In addition to the sexual assault of a minor, the woman faces charges of child luring and invitation to sexual touching.

For the protection of the child, police have not released a name, age or gender. However, the teacher’s name was made public to encourage other potential victims to come forward. Police say that, while they have no evidence that other children were exploited, it is not out of the question in cases like this. The school where the woman works would not release information about any discipline the teacher may be facing or about her current status of employment.

Already, these charges have impacted the life of this Toronto teacher. For now, she is free on bail, but her bail conditions prohibit her from accessing the internet or visiting any public recreational areas where children may be playing. This woman, like anyone facing sexual assault charges, may need to secure a strong legal defence as quickly as possible to determine the steps to take during legal proceedings.

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