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Trafficking of drugs across border is serious criminal charge

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Truckers are relied upon by people throughout the country to transport good from one place to another. Sometimes the goods being transported are picked up in the United States before crossing over into Canada. Earlier this week a Toronto truck driver was accused of transporting more than he was supposed to. Specifically it is alleged that the 26-year-old man was transporting 52 kilograms of cocaine. The suspected drug was discovered by Canada Border Services officers.

The discovery was made when the truck was crossing into Canada and was flagged for a secondary inspection. According to authorities the drug was actually found hidden in the storage area of the truck. It was located in three duffel bags which were placed inside of a tote container.

The man was charged with possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking and cocaine importation.

It is important to note that thus far the man has only been charged with the drug crimes. He has not been found guilty and will have an opportunity to build his defense at trial. To be successful in its case the Crown must prove multiple elements. One of those elements is that the man was aware that the cocaine was on the truck.

Because significant jail time and large fines can be levied when someone is found guilty, individuals who find they are in this situation need to work quickly to secure a criminal defence lawyer. Because the facts are so important in a case such as this one, collecting those facts is the place most lawyers start.

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