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Two men in Sault Ste. Marie jailed for domestic violence

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There are very few criminal charges that have the same kind of punishment as those associated with domestic violence. Domestic charges not only can cause a devastating blow to one’s career and reputation, but they may also have very serious effects on an individual’s relationship with his or her children. Take, for example, one of the men who was recently sentenced to four months in jail. For two years following his release from prison, he cannot contact or be within 100 metres of the woman. This may be particularly difficult as she is the mother of his child.

Whether the court has made arrangements for him to see or contact his son during his probation is unknown. These kinds of conditions for probation, however, affect more than just the individual accused of committing domestic violence. For two years, this child may be unable to contact his father.

Another man will spend 25 days in jail, which is in addition to the five days he already spent there, for drinking with his partner. Apparently, the man had previously been ordered to not drink when he is around his partner, yet was caught celebrating with her because he had found a place to live. According to the Sault Star, there was nothing to indicate that the woman had asked him not to drink. Now he will be jailed for having a drink.

The judge also warned him not to drink with her again.

The punishments surrounding domestic violence may not seem that bad at first glance, but they often are pervasive and seriously limit what an individual can do.

Source: Sault Star, “Two men behind bars for domestic violence offences,” Linda Richardson, 5 Nov. 2013

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