Violent crimes on the rise in Ontario, particularly in Toronto Archives

Violent crimes on the rise in Ontario, particularly in Toronto

It seems that no neighbourhood in Toronto is safe anymore. Violent crimes are on the rise and they aren't relegated to lower income areas, either. The Bay and Yorkville area in Toronto is one of the most affluent in Ontario. Yet it is where a successful 37-year-old CEO lost his life to a gunshot in May while he was simply out for a walk.Witnesses told police the man was shot at close range by a gunman who got into a silver Mercedes after the shooting and sped away. Police don't know if the victim was targeted or if the shooting was a random incident. In any case, the victim's death left his family and friends not only grief-stricken, but shocked. Apparently, it this type of violent crime has happened in upscale areas of Toronto before. In fact there has been a recent robbery and two other murders in upscale areas.Crime, police say, knows no borders. In fact, Toronto saw eight murders in just eight days -- something unheard of a decade ago. Only two of the recent murders have been solved.For those who have been charged with violent crimes, speaking to an Ontario lawyer might be the first thing to do to fight the charge. Ontario residents have the right to aggressively fight any criminal charges. It is incumbent upon the Crown to prove guilt. A lawyer may be able to offer advice on how to best move forward with a game plan to fight criminal charges.

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