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Violent crimes: Ontario man charged with armed robbery

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A Nobleton man has been arrested and is facing robbery charges. Armed robbery is among those listed as violent crimes in Ontario. The 37-year-old is accused of robbing a highway gas station in the early evening by using a sawed-off shotgun. Cops say an employee was able to flee to another room as the suspect made off with cigarettes, some cash and lottery tickets.

Police say they were able to identify the suspect, who fled in a vehicle,  by reviewing video surveillance footage. Cops were able to track the vehicle to the suspect’s home, but didn’t find the suspect there. Barrie police arrested him on unrelated weapons charges. The firearm allegedly used in the robbery was recovered.

The man is being held in police custody and is awaiting a bail hearing. An armed robbery conviction can have a great impact on a person’s future. It is important that those accused understand the ramifications of possibly having a criminal record and of facing possible jail time.

Ontario residents charged with violent crimes like armed robbery may have a better outcome in court having the advice of an experienced defence lawyer. When an arrest has been made using video surveillance, robbery charges may require a lawyer who has the resources and knowledge to evaluate the evidence to effectively challenge the Crown’s case. A lawyer can be an important part of an accused person’s legal defence by helping the accused to understand the options available to him or her and by advocating for a client’s rights.

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