Violent crimes: Woman robbed at gunpoint Archives

Violent crimes: Woman robbed at gunpoint

A man is in police custody after allegedly robbing a woman at gunpoint. Armed robbery is among those classified as violent crimes in Ontario. The 27-year-old accused was actually charged with two similar crimes that apparently occurred in St. Clair Township within hours of each other.A 64-year-old woman was at an ATM machine when the accused is said to have approached her wearing a black mask. He supposedly pulled a gun on the woman, but it is unclear if he made away with any cash. About three hours later the same man allegedly used a handgun to rob a convenience store. Police say he did get an undisclosed amount of cash in this incident. They claim they were able to link him to both incidents.The accused has been charged with disguise with intent, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, robbery with a weapon and using an imitation firearm. He is being held in police custody. His bail hearing is pending. Armed robbery is said to have been committed when someone steals while armed with an offensive weapon or an imitation of an offensive weapon like a firearm.Ontario residents who have been charged with violent crimes have the right to speak to a lawyer about mounting an aggressive defence. These types of crimes are often vigorously prosecuted by the Crown who  must prove that the accused person was the one who acted and that the act was perpetrated intentionally.  Defending a serious robbery charge may be very complicated and may need a skilled lawyer with significant experience in criminal defence.

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